#Epicfail on Facebook: What not to Do

Surely you will be registered on a social network, I am absolutely convinced because otherwise you would not even have internet probably.

Or simply, if you are not registered you do not care because you can do at least, but this article is for all those people who use social networks and also very importantly. Let's say that most of the people who use social networks are just the boys.

The guys signed up on Facebook, but I am convinced that he did not read Facebook's terms of contract, or even called license terms. Exactly, those who subscribe to Facebook should theoretically read a license, which then no one is the law is another matter, but the license is there.

Today we give you little advice on how not to use social networks.

Show the picture of their documents

Yay! I did it, I finally got my license! One who just takes the license? He takes the photo and publishes it on Facebook: even though it may be obvious enough, we never need to publish photographs of our documents on social networks.

It's a very wrong thing to do. Through the code of your driving license, or the identity card for a hacker who has intentions to "ruin" is really very important. It can go back to all your data, and it's not really the best because of a photo posted in the social networks no?

Showing where you are

Exactly. Here is another thing that everyone exploits but that it would be better to avoid. In fact, we are talking about the classic check-in locations, a feature widely used within Facebook.

It is certainly nice to show your friends where we are, so we can meet and chat. But it is also the same for a thief to know: he knows that at that moment you are not at home!

Spreading our address

Exactly. It is very important for a thief to have it. Say that you are at home watching a movie, say the name of the movie you are about to see and with whom you are seeing it but try not to put the ceck-in at someone's home.

In that case a bad intention would have the possibility to go back to the address and through the surnames with all the personal data could make you spend a bad evening!

Purchase receipts

Go to the concert! Finally! Exactly, as soon as you buy the ticket of one of your favorite singers, you will surely go to take a picture of your ticket, the receipt of the purchase, the transaction code and maybe even the data of your credit card.

There is certainly the euphoria of the upcoming concert and the emotions that are there before. It is also true, however, that it is better to go to the concert to see one's bank account unscathed.

Personal photos particular ..

Exactly. In this case there is no risk from any ill-intentioned, but there is the possibility of being reported and no longer have access to their Facebook profile.

Social Networks are definitely not the tools to publish provocative images, especially by adolescent girls. You may also have some problems on the street with a bad intention because maybe this person had misunderstood.

In short, these are tips that are really the basis of all the operation of Facebook and all other social networks. Surely to be able to use them at best you have to be careful with some things. Attention above all to ceck-in!

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