Comments from WordPress: How They Affect Blog SEO

Not everyone knows, but also WordPress comments within a website help or, do not help, indexing in search engines thanks to SEO.

In fact, it is good to have a well-made site also for comments: Google also supervises this. In fact, the mechanism in the end is quite simple: if the comments are well moderated then for Google you are OK!

But if the comments are not well moderated, or just start to be a lot of comments that you start to cancel then it's not really good.
But why does a site need to delete comments? What does it mean? Simple.

There are many bloggers who often delete useless comments, or comments from people who do not write very well because of low quality. Quality is also very important in the comments of your blog, this is true.

Many Webmasters in fact also think the content generated by users (in English cool means User Generated Content, acronym UGC) are always of low quality. In fact from a point of view it could be true, there are a lot of spammers around especially in those sites where there is really a lot of traffic.

But Google does not always think so.

There are also benefits in fact given by the WordPress comments, and Google knows it and how. There are many sites that owe their success to all users who comment. In addition, Gary Illyes, a Trends Analytics spokesperson from Google, admitted that comments can have a very positive effect on search engines.
So even if within your WordPress site come the classic comments "Bel post" do not delete them, do not do it. Interact with your reader, that's your blog! You can not abandon it just because he told you it's a good post.

Every comment is important! Obviously if we are talking about spam comments then there is to moderate the comment or even to delete it. Also, if you have a blog where you get a lot of comments a day you will also know that you can install a plug-in where it acts as a filter for comments that you might find useful and comments that you might consider from SPAM.

Google can also use a WordPress comment to use it as a feature snippet. Also, if the webmaster, blogger or dir like it, erases readers' comments will not learn. All those who write online need to learn, because you need to know the target of your site, you need to know the readers.

The comments of WordPress in this case help a lot, it is true that to communicate there are emails, it is right to communicate directly (with even a picture maybe) with a user inherent in the ideas he has towards your article. The comments are just for this: help to get your readers back to your site.

Take advantage of this opportunity, use it, try to get the most benefit from it. Talking to our readers is important.
The comments of WordPress then help, but we must moderate them with care and above all exploit them because it is an opportunity.

SEO and Google help them a lot, but we must also know how to use them to the fullest. The comments of WordPress help to establish a "human" relationship between author and reader and who works on the internet there is nothing more beautiful.

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